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All you need to knowabout this modest fashion festival in Dubai Style
This style and design event will bring more than 30 international labels to the city this month. It’s an industry predicted to be worth US$373 billion by 2022. And there’s a good chance that’s what we might spend at a new modest fashion festival coming to Dubai this month.
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Modanisa London Fashion Week Style
The pioneer of the Modest Fashion industry, Modanisa Company has brilliantly held the Fashion Week in London -Modanisa London Modest Fashion Week (MLMFW).
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Dubai Modest Fashion Week conquers the Middle East Style
On December 8, Burj Park Dubai will host the debut of the world-famous Fashion Week Modanisa Modest Fashion Week in the UAE.
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Modest Fashion has found its Fashion Week Style
Istanbul Modest Fashion Week / IMFW was opened on May 13, 2016 in Istanbul, with bright spring flowers and flying fabrics. The main sponsor and organizer of IMFW was the largest international online clothing retailer - the company Modanisa
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Model in hijab Style
Agency IMG Models signed a contract with the model wearing the hijab Halima Aden. The agency now also presents such well-known models as Ji Ji Hadid, Carly Kloss, and Chanel Iman.
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Decent fashion Style
Modest Fashion - a decent fashion has already become a global trend. To assess the market of Islamic modest fashion can be through the prism of consumer spending on clothing Muslims, which in 2015, according to Salaam Gateway, amounted to 244 billion US dollars. Marketing research has shown that the parameters suitable for the concept of "decent" clothing, defined by Islamic principles, are similar to those of representatives of other faiths or simply consumers who prefer to wear clothes that do not expose but cover the body.
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