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Elegance beyond Time Style
Ideas, discoveries, gifts, talent is supposed to share with the world. Today I'm happy to share with you my old dream: to make a fashion photo project, recreating the best images of the elegance of the XX century, but certainly in the light of decency. Maintaining the impeccable taste, restraint, "expensive simplicity", femininity, harmony and sophistication, characteristic of the golden era of elegance, the style of lady-like, take into account certain requirements that modern consumers present in more closed or confessional clothes. Enjoy your eyes, get inspiration and create your own elegant style.
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Decent fashion Style
Modest Fashion - a decent fashion has already become a global trend. To assess the market of Islamic modest fashion can be through the prism of consumer spending on clothing Muslims, which in 2015, according to Salaam Gateway, amounted to 244 billion US dollars. Marketing research has shown that the parameters suitable for the concept of "decent" clothing, defined by Islamic principles, are similar to those of representatives of other faiths or simply consumers who prefer to wear clothes that do not expose but cover the body.
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