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H&M Modest LTD Collection

&M is often at the forefront of the high street when it comes to creating change. This Swedish brand has already made a significant contribution to insure sustainable and ethical fashion and achieved great success with its ongoing H&M Conscious collection. This isn’t the first time H&M has offered ‘modest’ options as known in their advertising campaigns, the hidjabi Model Maria Idrissi for example, but previously they were never in a single collection.

Now, joining such giants as Nike to ensure women feel empowered by their sartorial choices creating its first modest fashion line, the H&M Modest LTD Collection.

The new range is designed "to offer something for everyone," Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Head of Design Wohlfahrt goes on to say, "Today H&M is present in 69 markets, and we want to be diverse and inclusive to all the markets where we operate."  

Whether it's cultural or religious motives or simply because someone feels uncomfortable in overly open clothes in hot summer weather, you can choose and buy something from this collection.

The collection Modest LTD, which the brand describes as "a new elegant range of modest fashion", includes a variety of tunics, skirts and dresses from breezy fabrics. The brightly coloured collection boasts numerous flowing silhouettes, including chic kimono dresses, long statement skirts and ruffled blouses. Part of the collection includes a silk jacquard caftan with a metallic thread, feminine printed dresses in olive colours and flower printed  which also comes with an adorable matching mini-me design. “With the inception of the H&M LTD Collection, we were very much driven by a love of colour, embellishment and self-expression," Wohlfahrt explains in the press release.   "There’s a confidence and positive feeling throughout the entire collection, from the flowing silhouettes to the head-to-toe prints, that women all over the world will really relate to.”

However, Opinions about the collection are very controversial in social media, up to the point that someone calls it "ugly." Here I would like to note for those who think that women who prefer to dressed modestly and without showing too much body and skin for religious or cultural reasons may have different taste preferences and this must be respected. For the brand this is a great opportunity and a smart way to broad the circle of customers. I think many other far-sighted producers will follow them soon.

The cost of the collection's products ranges from $ 59.99 to $ 129, so it is slightly higher than H&M's usual fast-fashion pieces. At first the collection went on sale in the USA on May 3 and, it is also important to note that almost everything has already been sold out, and this already says a lot. In stores in other countries, a second instalment was presented on May 24.

I have already managed to evaluate the collection personally firsthand abroad. I think that not all pieces  will be suitable for the Russian market for certain reasons, even if this collection will be presented in H & M stores in our country, but many items I’m sure  will be appreciated by our customers and not only by those who prefer modest clothes. In addition, what I really liked, a girls’ collection of the same fabrics was producd too to match moms outfits and create  cute “ family looks”. The items are exposed not separately in the kid's department, but just next to an adult collection.

 We will be monitoring what feedback and success it meets in Russia.

Dilyara Sadrieva

Modest Fashion Expert

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