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H&M Modest LTD Collection Style
H&M is often at the forefront of the high street when it comes to creating change. This Swedish brand has already made a significant contribution to insure sustainable and ethical fashion and achieved great success with its ongoing H&M Conscious collection. This isn’t the first time H&M has offered ‘modest’ options as known in their advertising campaigns, the hidjabi Model Maria Idrissi for example, but previously they were never in a single collection.
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Russia is a multi cultured and multi religious country. When one talk about Russia not many people expect that about 25 mln muslim people live here that have deep roots and traditions in practicing Islam. Mainly muslims live in Moscow, Tatarstan, The Urals, The Cucauses and all over Russia. Some of the nation living inthe territory of Russia have been professing Islam more than 1,400 years. And by all means it had a great impact on both the traditional national dress of the peoples, as well as the images of modern Muslim women who prefer modest clothes. What is the image of a modern Muslima in Russia and the way Modest fashion is developing we will try tell you today in brief.
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Modanisa Modest Fasion Week rocks DubaiDMFW season conquered Dubai Style
A series of weeks of the decadent Modanisa fashion, passed with great success in Istanbul and London, now conquered Dubai. Dubai Modest Fashion Week was held in Dubai for the first time and was an unforgettable and impressive show, which was attended by industry leaders from around the world. Recognized designers, experts, stars, style icons and promising young brands were involved in the whirlpool of one of the biggest modest fashion events in the world.
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All you need to knowabout this modest fashion festival in Dubai Style
This style and design event will bring more than 30 international labels to the city this month. It’s an industry predicted to be worth US$373 billion by 2022. And there’s a good chance that’s what we might spend at a new modest fashion festival coming to Dubai this month.
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Jakarta Modest fashion week opened Russian brand ARAIDA Style
Jakarta, July 31st 2018 – Asia’s had its moment. Jakarta Modest Fashion Week event (JMFW) at July 26th – July 29th 2018 was a huge success.
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IGEDO Company announces a grandiose exhibition Style
Messe Düsseldorf Group, the successful organiser of leading trade fairs worldwide, and the IGEDO Company that looks back on almost 70 years of expertise in the organisation of international fashion trade shows, are to create a new industry platform: jointly with the Iranian trade fair organiser BRP Co. - Barsaz Rooydad Pars they will organise Lifestyle Iran, the The debut event will be held from 5 to 8 December 2018 at the Fars International Permanent exhibition centre in Shiraz.
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