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Modanisa London Fashion Week Beauty
The pioneer of the Modest Fashion industry, Modanisa Company has brilliantly held the Fashion Week in London -Modanisa London Modest Fashion Week (MLMFW).
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A comfortable collection for Hajj and Umrah from AAB Beauty
The London brand of modern decent clothes AAB has created a comfortable collection of dresses for Hajj and Umrah.
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Dubai Modest Fashion Week conquers the Middle East Beauty
On December 8, Burj Park Dubai will host the debut of the world-famous Fashion Week Modanisa Modest Fashion Week in the UAE.
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Modest Fashion has found its Fashion Week Beauty
Istanbul Modest Fashion Week / IMFW was opened on May 13, 2016 in Istanbul, with bright spring flowers and flying fabrics. The main sponsor and organizer of IMFW was the largest international online clothing retailer - the company Modanisa
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Modest Fashion - global trend Beauty
The entire civilized world is quite clearly aware of the significant role played by the peoples of the East, their culture, spiritual experience and art in the development of European and global civilization. The influence of Islamic civilization was extremely versatile and multifaceted. It touched all aspects of life: socio-cultural, everyday, scientific, trade-economic, technical. Since ancient times, the East has been a cherished dream of European travelers and merchants, beckoning with its mystery, luxury, sophistication and refinement.
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Modest Fashion in London Beauty
London hosted the London Modest Fashion Week (LMFW), which was organized and brought to the British capital by the company Modanis - the world's largest e-commerce retailer of decent clothes.
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Abaya: trend Beauty
In the summer season of 2016, Abaya won the hearts of Russian Muslim women. Not only women of fashion, but also the designers themselves were fascinated by the theme of the Arab national dress.
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